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While it’s easy to determine an updated and fair value for collectible “toys” such as Kelly Blue Book for cars, plenty of  books on watches, toys, guns and dozens of appraisal websites for practically everything else, there is nothing available on limited edition pens. Perhaps because in  the 1990’s, only a few dozen limited edition pens were produced and it was easy to keep track of their values. Today, we have more than 90 brand names and over 4,500 limited edition pens listed since the famous Lorenzo de Medici was launched in 1992 by Montblanc. 

It would take literally hundreds of hours to research and appraise a collection of 200 pens so imagine doing it for thousands. In addition, limited edition pens always change in value due to the continuous price fluctuation of precious metals used on these pens, and the price increases on the pens themselves as they became more rare, or just simply because the fluctuation of the market itself, the offer and the demand. Although the main motivation is the love of pens, money spent remains a crucial and inseparable of the collection factor. Have at hand an overall vision of the value of the pens and its evolution is essential. We have created this website for your use. We hope that m2bpens will be the new ultimate tool for finding out prices on limited edition pens. Our goal is to have pen enthusiasts, whether novice, informed collectors, traders, retailers, pen shops, internet sellers, experts, auctioneers or investors, use our website as a bench mark for the pen world. Go ahead and register and became a valued member and start using our data base to value your pen from a single one to your entire collection. 
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I'm Daniella from NY.
I have received a gift of a pen Omas americo Vespucci in 1996. It is a very nice fountain pen but I have never used it, I wanted to sell it but no had no idea of its value.  I have found on that the value of my pen was $ 900 !! No I would never think about it ! I have sold my pen on eBay .
For a collector pass of $ 15  I have largely recover my expense. 

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